Welcome to my wonderful page

hi i am buddy or marley i switch the name in my display name a lot but when in doubt use buddy ^__^ im questioning gender n prns just ask me in dms or something.. im a weird fox/bird/vaporeon hybrid thing and im so happy and i love you. have the best day everrrr :3

im a red fox therian, multiple past life kintypes (killdeer, tuxedo cat, canadian lynx) and vaporeon psychological kin. im questioning if im kin with ringneck doves but i am definitely hearted with them, i believe i might have been raised by them in a past life and ive had a large connection to them in this one!! im also questioning sea otter kin :) feel free to ask me about my 'kin experiences i love to answer questions!

i have a girlfriend whom i love very much more than like anything else in this entire world :) which is funny because she is my world

some of my interests include: nintendo, old tech, lps (toys + games + lpso), mlp, webkinz, foopets, build a bear, ecco the dolphin, animal jam + ajpw, sonic, pkmn, animals, ocean stuff, water, toys, most things considered nostalgiacore/kidcore and such!!

no dni, just please ask to follow if youre "kin for fun"; current mutuals are okay but it steals otherkin terms!!!

you may click here to see all of my personal stuff such as personality quizzes and other facts about me, and hereto see some graphics/stamps i like!!

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